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3 Reasons to choose an ethical brand!

In this blog I’m going to show you how consciously choosing an ethical brand can make a huge difference to someone’s life.

I’m Mana Simpson and I’m the founder of Foxy Beginnings, an ethical, heirloom children’s doll business

I’m going to talk about three ideas – Female Artisans, sustainable products and the impact you can have in supporting women’s refuge shelters

1. Fall In Love With Our Female Artisans – All of our beautiful dolls are lovingly handmade by our female artisans from their homes in developing counties. Your purchase helps these ladies obtain sustainable income to support their families and gain financial independence.

2. Why Choose A Sustainable Product – Not only will you purchase a new lifelong friend for your child, you can do so knowing that not of our products or packaging contains any plastic. There is estimated 5.2 trillion tonnes of single use plastic now polluting our oceans and seas

3. Fighting Against Domestic Violence – Foxy Beginnings is a proud partner of Zonta House in Perth. They provide shelter, rehabilitation and opportunities for women suffering at the hands of domestic violence. Foxy Beginnings regularly donates contributions from our profits to support this amazing organisation.

This is why as a conscious consumer you too can make a difference to many individual’s lives. When you consider the alternatives, its not hard to make the ethical choice!

Please visit our website or social media accounts to learn more and view our beautiful range of heirloom dolls.




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