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Buying ethically made not equal to quality?

Choosing sustainable products doesn’t mean you need to compromise on aesthetics and quality!

Im sure you have seen so many handcrafted, slowly made and sustainable designs out there, which immediately turn you off. The look, the quality, the durability are all questionable. Your reaction, “No Thank you!” or “I don’t trust this brand”

But what I want to tell you is that it doesn’t need to be like this!

Let me explain;

When I had Freyja, I wanted for my daughter to have high quality toys that she can sometime in the future pass on to her own children as a keepsake. So for me, buying from big stores and shopping malls was a horrendous experience. Most products I found were of low quality and had easily breakable plastic parts in them. I knew they would end up in the bin within few months max.

Soft toys were made with low quality material and low craftmanship. Oh don’t get me wrong, there are nice ones out there, but you need to canvas the whole shopping mall to come across one, nice enough to spend hard earned cash on!

Once I started looking at handcrafted products, I realised there are so many opportunities to improve the design.

And that’s how I started my venture. Combining it with my passion to help women in developing countries, I started working on my product lines.

We spent days, weeks, months perfecting our designs and techniques. We made so many prototypes (lucky Freyja gets to try them all out), and then improve on them until they are absolutely PERFECT.

Buying sustainable and handmade products from a brand with ethics and integrity, means you will get the highest quality item with a design that is aligned with today’s market expectations.

Forget those handmade dolls that looked somewhat scary that you wouldn’t want to keep in a child’s room if you didn’t want to give them nightmares.

In today’s world, where designs and trends are changing pretty much every single day, Its important to be able to buy sustainable, high quality items without compromising on the “look” and “feel” of your purchase.

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